Fun Factory Products:

Fun Factory has a beautiful, high quality range of adult toys all made out of medical grade silicone, ABS or elastomeds. These products are made in Germany.

-Generation 1. Classics, these toys are not available anymore.
-Generation 2. These vibrators have the unique “Splash” speed controller for easy adjustments
-Generation 3. Smartvibes, waterproof, turbo boost, and are very easy to control.
-Stubs, massive silicone dildo’s which can be used in many different ways, just single, vacuum sucked on plane surfaces or in strap-on harnesses.
-Click ‘n’ Charge toys were batteries are not needed. With a uniform charging cable all these toys are easy charged with a magnetically button
-Layaspot, the lay on vibrator for external use
-Smartballs, classic Teneo Uno and Duo for pleasure and training of the vaginal muscles.
-Share, for shared pleasure especially designed for women who like to be in control.
-Anal toys, for both partners with funny names like Bendy Beats and Flexi Felix.
-Micro and mini vibes, if size doesn’t matter these toys fit in any handbag.
-Lubes, Bodyfluid for body massages and Toy fluid, to please yourself with easy entrance.

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